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Padme/Anakin Stillness
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Welcome to padanistillness. This is a stillness icon challenge community for Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, the tragic couple of George Lucas' Star Wars saga.

A special thanks to quebelly for starting the stillness movement. If you are interested in starting your own stillness community be sure to visit mod_stillness for more info and help.

MAINTAINER: shadowshamrock

Challenges By Tag


Most Important; Be Creative and Have FUN! :D : Anyone who does not abide by these rules will be banned.

o1. You must be a member to enter. So JOIN
o2. This is a stills community so that means no animation.
o3. Most challenges will have its own set of guidelines.
o4. Remember the Livejournal icon standard: 100x100, 40k, JPG, GIF, or PNG.
o5. You may enter icons smaller than 100x100.
o6. Please make a new, refreshing icon for each challenge.
o7. Do not use someone else's bases either. That's cheating or not doing all the work.
o8. Putting your name in the file of the icon is CHEATING. Don't do it.
o9. DO NOT post your icons anywhere until winners are announced! This includes using it yourself.
1o. Please remember to put your icon(s) URL under your icons. It won't be submitted if you forget.
11. When voting, you're NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR YOURSELF!
12. Do not ask anybody to vote for you.
13. Anonymous votes won't be accepted!


New challenges will be posted on Wednesday. Submissions end on Monday at 11 PM PST.

When participating, you must post your icons as a comment to the challenge post along with the images urls.

All comments will be screened. One or more of your entries may be rejected if it/they does/do not follow the rules stated above.



Voting will be up by Tuesday. Voting will be closed on Thursday 12am PST (You can check your time zone right here). Winners are announced no later than Friday.

Each vote is worth one point. You do not have to be a member to vote, but any cheaters will be banned.

Each voting period will have a Mod's Choice. That is chosen by the moderator. This is based only on the number of entries.


All communities that have not been updated for more than 2 months will be deleted. The communities are listed in the link below. If you would like to submit your community with us, please leave your community name at this post. :) All I ask is that you link back ^_^

Extra Stuff:
Suggestions: Post them Here
Questions/Concerns: Please don't hesitate to comment or email me at shadowshamrock@livejournal.com


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